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Ute Lemper in Rome

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Rome [ENA] Ute Lemper's career is remarkably varied due to her superb versatility that has led her to cover the roles of actress of theater and cinema, singer and dancer, always winning great success. She has been universally praised for her interpretations of Berlin Cabaret Songs, the works of Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht and the French Chanson Book. In the world of theater Ute left her mark with her interpretations in

Broadway, in Paris and in London's West End. Her celebrated recordings for DECCA include Ute Lemper Sings Kurt Weill (Vols. I and II), Three Penny Opera, The Seven Deadly Sins, Mahagonny Songspiel, Prospero's Books (Michael Nyman), Songbook (Michael Nyman/Paul Celan), Illusions (Piaf/Dietrich), City of Stranger(Prevert/Sondheim) and Berlin Cabaret Songs (German and English versions). She was named Billboard Magazine's Crossover Artist of the Year for 1993- 1994. In early 2000, Decca/Universal Music released Punishing Kiss, featuring new songs composed for her by Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Philip Glass, and Nick Cave. Her following release on Decca, But One Day, featured new arrangements of Weill, Brel, Piazzolla, Heymann and Eisler songs

as well as the first recordings of her own compositions, for which she wrote both lyrics and music. Ute Lemper made a great show in Rome (at the Teatro Brancaccio on Saturday, May 27 at 9 pm) with “ Songs for Eternity”, songs written in the Ghettos and Concentration Camps between 41 and 44 by the prisoners, a show she’s particularly devoted to . The authors often were killed in gas chambers. They are songs of great beauty, with daring words, often written by poets. Ute Lemper was born in Münster on July 4, 1963 in Germany, completed her studies at the Cologne Academy of Dance and at the Max Reinhardt School of Dramatic Arts in Vienna.

Ute Lemper in Rome for Songs of Eternity

Her musical debut took place on the scene of the original Viennese production of Cats, where she played the roles of Grizabella and Bombalurina. Later she played Peter Pan and Sally Bowles in Jerome Savary's Cabaret (Paris), where she received the Molière Award for Best Actress in Musical. She starred in the role of Lola in the Blue Angel (in Berlin) and Maurice Béjàrt created for her the ballet, " La mort subite ". Ute Lemper also appeared in Weill Revue, with the Tanztheater by Pina Bausch.

Ute Lemper's solo concerts have been presented all over the world with prestigious theaters such as La Scala and Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Théatre de La Ville, Théatre National de Chaillot, Les Bouffes du Nord in Paris, Palau de la Barcelona's Music, the Sydney Opera House, the Berliner Ensamble, the Barbican Center, the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Almeida Theater in London, the Alice Tully Hall, the Lincoln Center in New York, Herbst Theater in San Francisco, and the Westwood Playhouse in Los Angeles.

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