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Fourth Western Balkans Summit

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Trieste, 13.06.2017, 11:50 Uhr
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Rome/Trieste [ENA] The Fourth Western Balkans Summit will be held in Trieste on 12 July 2017 and will be structured around three policy sessions (Heads of State and / or Government, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ministers for Economic Development) with a plenary session and various events on the side. The Berlin Process or the Western Balkans Process was launched in 2014 with the objective of promoting the stabilization of the region

and its progressive European integration. In the wake of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, opened the intergovernmental process with the countries of the Western Balkans. The aim of the Process is to improve their cooperation, put “fundamentals first”, and thereby strengthen their European integration. The first Summit in Berlin was followed by a second in Vienna in 2015 and a third in Paris in 2016. During the summit, particular emphasis will be put on economic issues with a focus on the extension of the Balkan infrastructure network and the link with the European one.

Furthermore, priority will also be given to issues of energy, of growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, of innovation, development and common market . Trieste whose historical and cultural ties have been significant and strong for centuries with Central Europe also represents a reality to revive and strengthen especially from the economic point of view. The initiative includes Heads of Government, Foreign Ministers and Ministers of Economic Development of the six Balkan Countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) plus Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, France, Germany, The EU Commission, the EU High Representative and the Regional Cooperation Council.

The Italian Presidency is also organizing a Business Forum on 12 July in Trieste to promote economic relations between Italy and the Western Balkan countries and to foster knowledge of the major projects and financial instruments in the region. Organized with the European Institutions and the international and regional financial organizations, the Forum will be the opportunity for an exchange of know-how and expertise between institutions and economic operators. A sustainable economic growth is the basis for a prosperous future in the Western Balkans region, and in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to ensure end-to-end connectivity and to deepen the economic integration of the six Balkan countries.

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