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No more roaming charges in EU

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 15.06.2017, 11:49 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] Today 15 June 2017, roaming charges in the European Union will no longer apply. “Roam Like at Home” rules have legal force and effect and people will pay domestic prices, irrespective of where they are travelling in the EU for phone-calls, SMS and mobile internet. The European Union effort is connecting people better and making their lives easier. The end of roaming charges is a true European success story.

From now on, citizens who travel within the EU have the possibility to call, text and connect on their mobile devices at the same price as they pay at home. Removing roaming charges is one of the greatest and most palpable successes of the EU. Phone calls, SMS and going online with a mobile device from another EU country will be covered in the national bundle. The minutes of calls, SMS and megabytes of data that a person consumes abroad within the EU will pay the same as at home. People will not have “bill shocks” anymore. If a person has unlimited calls and SMS, he/she will get unlimited calls and SMS when roaming in the EU. The end of roaming charges is at the foundation of the EU's Digital Single Market.

Nevertheless, in case of unlimited mobile data or very cheap mobile data at home, the operator concerned may apply a safeguard (fair use) limit on data use while roaming. If so, the operator must inform the customer in advance about such a limit and alert them when they reach this limit. Over the last 10 years, EU institutions have been working tough together to fix this market failure. Each time a European citizen passed through an EU border, be it for holidays, work, studies or just for a day, he had the anxiety about using the mobile phones and a high phone bill from the roaming charges when he came home. Roaming charges will now be outdated.

From today on, one can remain connected while travelling in the EU, for the same price as at home. It has been a long time coming, with many actors involved. By working meticulously together, the European Union has delivered a real, positive result for European citizens. The EU cancelled very high roaming prices overcoming the many challenges in order to pursue this goal. It was an iniquitous poll tax on access. At the same time, the EU found the right equilibrium between the end of roaming charges and the necessity to keep domestic mobile packages competitive and attractive. Operators have had two years to prepare for the end of roaming charges, and they will seize the opportunities the new rules bring to the benefit of their customers.

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